SOS Beaverton is a group of concerned citizens who want to protect the health of Lake Simcoe now and for future generations.

We want to stop the ongoing dumping of sediment and chemicals into Lake Simcoe.  Asian vegetable farming on the east shores of Lake Simcoe north of Beaverton by a farming conglomerate take up to 18 million litres of water a day from the lake for irrigation purposes.  These types of crops are grown in saturated soils which is known as muck farming.  The irrigation water then returns to the lake bringing sediment, fertilizers and other chemicals with it.  Resulting large brown plumes affect the health of the lake.  Fisheries, recreational water users, beaches, and water supply are all being drastically and negatively affected by this blatant dumping into our lake.  Support us by signing this petition to revoke their permits to pump up to 18 MILLION LITRES OF WATER PER DAY from the lake!


Petition:  We are currently petitioning the Ontario Ministry of the Environment to revoke water permits, and the Ontario Attorney General to enforce the Ontario Water Resources Act. 

Sign our online petition today to show your support to stop the ongoing dumping of sediment and chemicals into our lake.

Join us in spreading the message about the dangers to our lake.

If you would like to volunteer your time to help we would love to hear from you.

Our mission is to return our lake to a safe and healthy body of water that our children and wildlife can continue to enjoy for years to come.

news release #3

november 2, 2020.

This News Release provides an update on the agricultural runoff into Lake Simcoe from the Goodyear Farm (GYF) operating north of Beaverton.   SOS Beaverton’s legal efforts, social media presence, letter writing, phone conversations, meetings, and petition which have resulted in a first key step to fix the problem.  Thank you to all those who have assisted in these efforts.

Lake Simcoe Regional Conservation Authority (LSRCA) approved a comprehensive plan in November 2019 to address approximately 80% of the GYF runoff. Construction and other activities were completed by Spring of 2020 focused on fields between Thorah Concession 8 and Concession 9 where we were experiencing the most runoff in previous years.  This included two storm water ponds, three Wascobs (Water and Sediment Control Basins), addition of 1.4 km of ditches, stabilization of 16 km of laneways, replacement of culverts, buffer and wind break plantings, grassing of waterways, and planting of cover crops.

Weaknesses remain.  Up until midyear, we had a relatively clean lake in our area with only 1 small runoff event on March 13.  The lake (the area between Beaverton pier and Talbot River) looked like it used to look, clean and sparkling.  However, three major runoff events, coincident with large rainstorms on July 19, Aug 27, and Aug 29, resulted in farm run-off into the lake leaving this area a mess for much of the remainder of the summer/fall season.

So there is more work to do.  Through LSRCA, further restoration activities are planned including additional Wascobs and grassed waterways, pond expansions to increase capacity and irrigation efficiencies, additional linear ditches to channel surface water into the water management ponds, and fall / spring tree plantings for berm stability and erosion control.

Lastly, as noted in our previous News Release, this plan does not address field runoff to the north of Concession 9, some of the field runoff between Concession 7 and 8, and GYF – Ramara Operations which runoff into the Talbot River / Trent Canal and ultimately Lake Simcoe. 

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